Monitoring Centres


Automate your monitoring control and help human capital focus on the issues that matter the most.

Experience Centres offer businesses an effective way to connect with customers, build brand loyalty and ultimately increase sales. But how do businesses develop their own Customer Experience Centre?

Deliver critical information that supports situational awareness.

  • ASecurity operations centers
    Central locations within facilities where analysts visually monitor an organization’s assets and keep the physical site and its information systems secure.
  • Social media command center
    A dedicated space where your social media team can monitor conversations about your organization and engage with customers to help manage brand identity and reputation.
  • Dedicated experts
    To help you define the use of your room, identify the information your operators need to see and establish an ergonomically designed space

Modern NOCs often control resources and provide support to a variety of organizations, including businesses, universities, utility companies and regional government agencies.

  • Narrow bezel video walls and pixel pitch panels offer an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability.
  • Hardware and software-based Video wall controllers.
  • Their most sensitive hardware still needs to be housed within the organization’s most secure walls.
  • They can monitor server banks and other resources located all over the world

In short, a NOC is a critical element of any company or government and provides much-needed security and stability.

What Kind of Command and Control Center Do You Need?

To determine the right command and control centre for your operation, start by identifying what resources you need to coordinate.

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