Digital Classrooms


Deliver a Collaborative Education Experience with Innovative AV Solutions

When it comes to putting students and learning first, educators and technologists strive to create learning solutions to meet the various learning needs of students everywhere. Interactive display units, touchscreens and interactive whiteboards allow teachers to bring their lessons to life and improve student engagement levels.

Even as students begin returning to the classroom, collaboration technology will continue to play a critical role in student engagement and success.

  • An immersive, collaborative experience
    HyFlex classrooms serve both remote and in-person students, and the right technology can help them collaborate easily even if they are not in the same place
  • A successful educational story
    Many students have spent the past school year learning at home, but that doesn’t mean they have been learning in isolation. Perhaps today more than ever as students continue to learn in a variety of environments and circumstances.
  • It's more than just convenience
    Schools at every level need innovative audio and visual solutions, as well as comfortable and sustainable environments to help drive student collaboration and success.

Enhanced Collaboration, Near and Far.

  • AV in the classroom, dining hall, digital wayfinding, and other common areas makes innovative teaching methods more engaging.
  • Huddle rooms equipped with large monitors, cameras, and crisp audio capabilities are popping up on school campuses with increasing frequency.

The spaces invite interaction among learners in the room and those logging in remotely, along with guest experts, peers from other campuses, and interested members of the community.

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