Meeting Rooms


Ultimate collaboration environment for all your meetings, seamlessly connecting on-site and remote.

We harness the latest cutting-edge technology and best-fit audio, video, acoustic, and lighting solutions for your requirements and environment so your meeting spaces work seamlessly.

Ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience

  • Collaboration spaces
    With Inviot, discover what team collaboration looks like in the physical and digital workplace, the technology solutions that make it possible, and how to bring its benefits and experience into your organization.
  • Huddle Spaces
    Our Huddle Room Solutions allow a more personalised setting for collaboration and working, with advanced audio-visual facilities for both local and remote collaborations.
  • Room Scheduling and Hot-desking
    Inviot’s room scheduling and Hot-desking solutions allow clientele the extended freedom of booking and scheduling their meetings from both on-premises or on the cloud from anywhere.

With Inviot, discover what team collaboration looks like.

  • State-of-the-art display and audio solutions for superior video and crystal clear audio.
  • Control systems that help you manage and automate every aspect of the room solution.
  • Wireless presentation systems that share content from any device.

Every business succeeds when its people perform when they’re engaged with their projects when they can connect with remote colleagues and work as a team.

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